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Alternative Docs is the leading community of Healthcare professionals exploring diverse careers. We have an active community across the UK  where members develop skills, diversify and share stories about projects they are involved in. Our aim is to help healthcare professionals lead fulfilling careers and showcase the diversity of careers available in the NHS and the Healthcare Sector.

We host a national awards ceremony to recognise healthcare professionals, you can find further details on the Awards page.

We also organise a national conference & exhibition where we have speakers and organisations from the NHS and industry leading seminars and workshops. Our 2017 conference is supported by Royal Colleges, journals and professional bodies.

Our career and industry courses are CPD accredited and well respected for their high quality content.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Alternative Docs Community! #AlternativeDocs

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Developing Your Portoflio – National Conference, Expo and Awards 2017 Programme

Consultant Surgeon, Royal London Hospital and Chief Medical Officer, Medical Realities

  • The Future of Healthcare – Prof Shafi Ahmed – Surgery and Digital Health

Head of School, Health Education England (North West)

  • Experiences of a Senior Healthcare Leader – Dr Kate Burnett – Portfolio Career

Proctor Gallagher Consultants

  • The fatal flaws of fearing failure – Dr Spencer Pool  – Career Consultant

Surgeon, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Executive Committe, BOTA

  • Tackling bullying in healthcare settings #HammerItOut – Mr Simon Fleming –  Wellbeing

Deputy Chair, BMA Consultants Conference. Executive Member, National Consultant’s Committee and Northwest Regional Council.

Consultant Radiologist, UHSM. Chair, Asian Breast Cancer Group and Patient to Patient Support Initiative.

  • Cultural Humility, Patient Engagement and Empowerment – Dr Anil Jain –  Panel Chair

UK Public Sector CIO, Dell EMC

  • Transforming Healthcare through IT  – James Norman – Digital Health

Improvement Manager, Central Manchester Foundation Hospital Trust

  • Coding: the clinicians role – Gareth Jones – Coding

Former Medical Director and Patient Safety Leader

  • Leading in Patient Safety – Dr Umesh Prabhu  – Panel Discussion

Portfolio GP and TV Presenter

  • From GP to TV Presenter – Dr Angela Goyal – Primary Care

Quality Improvement Lead, Sethi Health

  • Quality Improvement Summit 2018 –  Dr Matthew Alexander –  Quality Improvement


  • Medical Education online –  Dr Ahmed Wobi – Medical Education


  • Top Tips for Start-ups – Adnan Zaheer –  Start Up

BMA Library

  • BMA Library –  Aldalin Lyngdoh – Medical Education

TV Doctor

  • TV GP, Real food junkie and Media Personality – Dr Rangan Chatterjee  (Award nominee)

Aesthetics – ESHO Clinic

  • Developing a career in aesthetics-  Dr Esho – Aesthetics (Award nominee)

World Expedition Medicine

  • Getting involved in Expedition Medicine – Mark Hannaford – Expedition Medicine

UK Primary Care Research Collaborative

  • Leading in Primary Care Research – Rajiv Sethi, Maya Connolly and Garth Funston -Primary Care

Royal College of Psychiatry

  • Royal College of Psychiatry Rep – Mental Health


  • Global Live Stream: Mental Health and Wellbeing – Rajiv Sethi and Ahmed Hankir

CST applications – Project Cutting Edge

  • Scoring high in your CST application – Dr Alexander Yao – Surgery

Consulting Editor,British Journal of Healthcare Management

  • Gaining experience in healthcare consulting –  Bryan Mckintosh- Consulting


  • Getting into medico-legal sector –  Rep –  Medico-legal

CEO, P3 Clinic

  • From Medical Student to CEO- Oli Zolman – Start Up

Faculty of Digital Health

  • Getting involved with the Faculty of Digital Health – Steering Group – Digital Health


  • Being a medical entrepreneur – Dr James Gupta – Entrepreneur

Financial Adviser, St James Place

  • Managing your wealth – Matt Rickard – Wealth management

Pharmacist, Greater Manchester LPC Committee Member

  • The role of Pharma in the NHS in 2017 – Dipesh Raghwani -Pharma

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur experiences

  • Life as a NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow –  Rajiv Sethi – Entrepreneur

Commander, RAF and Deputy Medical Officer, UN

  • Life as a medical Commander, Porfolio GP and Property Investon –  Dr Cat -Portfolio career


  • Radiology: Out of the Shadows – Dr Rizwan Malik – Radiology

Interpretation and Translation Services Lead, Sethi Health

  • Interpretation and Translation for the benefit of your patients – Sethi Health  – Patient Safety

Deputy High Commission of India (TBC)

  • From Dentist to Deputy High Commissioner  – Dr Puri (tbc)

Accounting for Medics Masterclass for Healthcare professionals

  • Accounting for Medics – Sudesh Kumar

Royal College of Surgeons

  • Royal College of Surgeons – Suturing Workshops – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


  • Building a medical eduction technology platform –  James Gupta – Start Up

Royal College of General Practice

  • Working as a GP in 2017 – RCGP Rep –  Primary Care

Explosive Group

  • Running Events and Conferences in Healthcare and Education – Sunny and team